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Everything’s Great

In the past few weeks, I’ve been playing a pretty diverse range of games: some old, some new, some major releases, some independent. In playing these games and talking about them, I’ve realized there’s one common link between all of them, and this link usually manifests in offhand comments like, “It’s really stylish,” “It’s gorgeous,” [...]

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Destroy All Arabs!

M ichael Abbott just wrote a fuming, righteous post about a new WiiWare game called Heavy Fire: Special Operations: Teyon may choose to call Heavy Fire an “Explosive Arcade Experience on WiiWare!”, but a more apt description would be “Arab shooting gallery.” Whatever narrative or thematic values we may find in games like Call of [...]

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Moonbase Alpha

M oonbase Alpha is probably not very interesting from a game design standpoint. Developed by NASA (your tax dollars at work!), the game puts you in the shoes of a team of astronauts in the year 2032. Crisis befalls a moonbase and brave future astronauts must race against the clock to repair a damaged life [...]

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