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A Gamer’s Game

C ivilization V is coming out. This is a Big Deal in the world of games. Sid Meier’s enduring achievement of civilization-building design has set the standard for strategy gameplay since basically forever, and the addictive, time-obliterating quality of these games is well documented. If you’ve never lost an evening trying to strengthen trade relations [...]

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The Implausible World of BioShock

F or a series known for its robust and intriguing world building, the BioShock games have a pretty flimsy foundation. While ostensibly science-fiction, BioShock and BioShock 2 are far from “hard” sci-fi. And though all of the supernatural elements of BioShock’s world are based in science, that science is far from scientific. The sci-fi elements [...]

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How We Talk About Games: Graphics

“A visually dazzling masterpiece with bright backgrounds” “Beautiful and unsurpassed graphics.” “Few games look as lush and refined … Colors and textures are sharp and rich.” T he above three quotations are typical sentences that you might hear in any review of Uncharted 2. If you’ve played the game, you likely agree with them. Most [...]

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